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By Benjamin Ficker

Benjamin Ficker is a Multifamily Investment Broker with KW Commercial. With a two-decade career, he delivers unparalleled value and personalized service to clients, earning trust as a reliable advisor. His broad spectrum of experience has led to success for hundreds of his clients.

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Duplex values have soared, driven by a surge in owner-occupant buyers. Let’s face it, with starter homes hitting the $600k mark, having a tenant pay half of the expenses just makes financial sense.

However, amidst this surge, owners of 3-4 unit properties have faced challenges in realizing their desired prices. The limitations imposed by FHA financing led to substantial down payment requirements, often beyond the means of many owner-occupants. So, sellers found themselves compelled to collaborate with investors looking for more cash flow.

“Now is the time to explore this opportunity. ”

The game is changing, though. Enter the new conventional loan program for owner-occupant buyers, rolled out on November 18th, requiring only a minimal 5% down payment. This development is huge. It liberates buyers from the shackles of the “self-sufficiency rule.” The result? A burgeoning market of buyers ready and able to meet your price—a feat that professional investors may struggle to match.

While challenges persist, particularly in navigating Oregon’s approach to tenant-occupied properties, rest assured that we have a well-thought-out plan in place. Our goal is to ensure a seamless sales process, propelling you toward your desired destination in the Oregon real estate market. The tides are turning, and with these new financing options, the possibilities for property owners are more promising than ever. If you have any questions, reach out by phone or email.